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All the Details: Guest Room Tour

May 19, 2015
Blanket chest in guest room

Our family was over this past weekend for the fence party and since we gave them a house tour it’s only right that you should get one too.  Let’s start with the guest room, we’ve done a lot of work in here since move in day.  The space has been transformed since the days of floor to ceiling green and poly blend floor coverings.  Now the room is anchored by matching antique iron frame beds and a mantle addition.

Guest Room Tour: A pair of antique iron bed frames provide space for lots of guests

A pair of antique iron bed frames provide space for lots of guests

We wanted to make our out of town family cozy and relaxed so we opted for the tried and true Threshold linens from Target.   They are super soft and come in a million colors and patterns.

Extra blankets and pillows are stored in a refinished blanket chest that doubles as a shared nightstand.  The soft minty green we picked is protected from accidental dings with 3 coats of poly.

Guest Room Tour: Painterly poppies from the Paper to Petal book.

Painterly poppies from the Paper to Petal book.

A small arrangement of crepe paper flowers on the nightstand made by yours truly from the Paper to Petal book.  Neil found the mint colored flower frog at a local antique store for me to go with these poppies.

Guest room tour: We added the mirrored section to the existing mantle and dressed it up with a collection of glass piggybanks

We added the mirrored section to the existing mantle and dressed it up with a collection of glass piggybanks

Across the room was a pretty generic mantle.  To dress it up, we added the top section with the mirror and painted it white to match.  Originally it was in my great aunt’s home but had been removed and stored away.  We never like painting over solid wood if we can help it but some of the finish was in pretty bad shape so paint was our best option.  We attached it to the mantle with wood glue and dowels and anchored it to the wall with concrete screws.  It looks like it was made for that spot!

Guest Room Tour: The gray velvet bench from Target adds a modern twist to the room

The gray velvet bench from Target adds a modern twist to the room

A gray velvet bench from Target provides a place for guests to sit or to put suitcases.  The mid-century design plays well with the vintage and handmade decor.  In fact I liked it so much that we bought the same bench in blue for the dining room.

What details in your home help bring the space together?  Tell us in the comments!

Kitchen Renovation Plans

April 30, 2015
Planning our Kitchen Renovation over at The Space to Grow

With all the diy projects swirling around, new blog, and making time for real life it has been tough to nail down our kitchen renovation plans.

We had a LOT of requirements and are known waffle-ers.  Plus the space seemed to fight us.  But with the help of resident architect and mom (who just so happens to be pretty kick ass and kind enough to lend her skills) we have finally settled on a concept for the kitchen.  All it took was some out of the box thinking.

What we needed from our renovation:

  • A connection between our kitchen and eating areas
  • Better flow between the various “utility” parts of the house, but minimize the visibility of laundry and bathroom
  • Use the wasted space in the sun porch with the main house
  • One whole closet? *fingers crossed
  • Few movements of big ticket items like plumbing and electrical
Our final kitchen renovation concept!  Integrating the sun porch into the main house will make such a huge difference.

Our final kitchen renovation concept! Integrating the sun porch into the main house will make such a huge difference.

The final plan involves removing the wall between the kitchen and sun porch, moving the entrance to the side of the house, and enclosing the laundry.  We are so looking forward to having an eat in kitchen where no one is crammed in a corner or staring directly at the dryer.

Leaving the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry in the same place will minimize the impact to the budget and let us focus on updating some existing features and swapping in new finishes. While the basic concept is down we are still very much in the planning phase, but excited to see it come together!

Things we learned:

  • Have an expert take measurements.
  • Stay firm on your budget and be realistic.  Lily’s thought the budget should be $8, so we ignored her.
  • Identify your needs (or as Patti Stanger would say “non-negotiables”).  Think big picture.  How will this help you function day to day?
  • Identify your wants.  This is where you break the budget so play the compromise game.  We estimated every single thing with 20% contingency, grouped them by cost, then chose out of each pool.  If you’re not that retentive…good for you.
  • Don’t forget to reevaluate your needs and wants throughout the process.

What tips do you have for planning a kitchen renovation?  Tell us in the comments and be sure to check out our kitchen board over on Pinterest!

Welcome to Our New Home!

April 5, 2015
Front entrance view of our farmhouse with white siding and wrap around porch

We’re glad you’re here. What better way to welcome you to our virtual home then by showing you what we’re working with at start of this renovation journey.

After moving from Athens, Georgia (Go Dawgs), we rented for two years and were planning on staying there for at least another year.  But our house ended up finding us early with a little help from internet listing sites, which I admit signing up for knowing full well what would happen.  (This story sounds alot like the one where we ended up with that black dog…)  Anyway, I finally clicked on the listing that would become our home, after passing it up for weeks.

The key lime pie colored shag carpet and matching paint were overwhelming in every room but the kitchen.  But after scrolling through we were (read: I was) intrigued enough to drive by.

Before shot of the dining room with bad rug and paint.

Future dining room. Can you see the potential hidden under the faux brick, shag carpet, and pea green paint?

When our realtor (shoutout Mick Shaw) took us inside we were sold.  We were immediately drawn to the tall ceilings and loads of natural light.

The house sits on just over half an acre and is about 2,000 square feet.  We have plenty of space for the two of us, our two rescue pups, and a small blue parakeet with a big attitude.  The wraparound porch will be perfect for hanging the hammock Neil bought me on one of our trips to the Outer Banks.  The yard is plenty big enough for a vegetable garden and gets full sun all day. And it has water views which we’ve heard may get better very soon, fingers crossed, after the removal of those pesky industrial pipes.

But you can see that the house has LOTS of projects.  Kitchen, carpet, paint, layout issues, yellow and green laminate countertops.  Outdated everything…

Before shot of farmhouse kitchen with outdated appliances and countertop.  Photo Credit: William E. Wood

Harvest gold appliances and coordinating floral paneling is having a moment again. No? Okay. Add this whole room to the to-do list. Photo Credit: William E. Wood

But it has good bones and we are up for the challenge.  It already feels like home even though we’re not quite unpacked since moving in last fall.

This blog will document our renovations and diy projects as we bring our outdated home into the 21st century.  Our style is eclectic with a colorful flair (me!) but grounded with classic elements (Neil!).  We are looking forward to keeping the charm of our new home and layering in our style.  We’ll write about our successes (hopefully) and missteps along the way, learn a TON, and share it all with you.

Before shot of the large foyer with outdated carpet and paint.

We’ll be blogging about projects in this room first.

One of the first projects we’ll share here will be the foyer transformation.  We will be stripping off the 70’s wood-look paint job from the staircase and bringing out the beautiful wood grain with light colored stain.  Next, we’ll remove the shag carpet and install a runner.  We’re thinking stripes.  Then, everything will be tied together with a light, modern paint color so we can play around with colorful rugs and accessories.

Thanks for dropping by The Space to Grow.  We’d love to hear from you, so leave us a comment and stay in touch using the contact form.