Kitchen Renovation: Part 1

August 4, 2015
Kitchen Renovation construction site header beam

Our kitchen renovation got underway last week and we’re finally at a good point in the process to show off all of the progress (we weren’t avoiding you last week, promise).  Look how far along it is since demo day!  Lou, the one man show, has been working every day to frame out the new exterior walls, install windows, and raise the floor.

Kitchen Renovation new doors and windows

New windows and exterior door!

We have six HUGE windows that will let in even more light.  We extended the height of the windows to 18 inches above the floor for extra impact.  Screens for each will take advantage of the year round breeze.

KItchen Renovation Hewn boards

Under the old siding there were some cool old boards.  We think the grain and diagonal installation will make a perfect feature wall right when you walk in.

Kitchen renovation framing in progress

Combining the two rooms will add about 80 square feet of room to the kitchen

I can’t wait for the kitchen to be a room you want to be in rather than a room you walk through.

Kitchen Renovation wall to be removed

By tonight this wall will be gone

As the next phase of the kitchen renovation, the wall separating the kitchen from the new space will be torn down.  They are planning to do this today so I can’t wait to get home and see! But you’ll have to wait until Thursday.  Then on to all the fun stuff!